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Soil sampling is a vital part of good farm management. Soil Test Pro makes it easy to grid sample your farm and make informed decisions. Service your fields just like you service everything else on your farm. Soil sampling makes the difference between guessing and knowing. Soil Test Pro puts YOU in the driver’s seat. The more you test, the more you know.

The Soil Test Pro process is straightforward and easy.

Soil Test Pro is a two part system- the Web Headquarters on your computer AND the Soil Test Pro app on your tablet or smartphone. These two pieces SYNC together so you have all the information you need when and where you need it.

A standard test on a 5 acre grid costs as little as $4.50 per acre with Soil Test Pro.

Get started by creating a free Soil Test Pro account from your computer or mobile device. Also, download the app to your tablet or smartphone. When you are ready to sample, call for supplies and simply pay as you go — without contracts or further obligations.

From your Web Headquarters: First, setup your farms/fields. Choose which fields you want to sample and set grids. After sampling, you can order tests and view your results in 5-7 days. Also, create unlimited variable rate controller files and recs from your results for as long as you need.

From your Mobile Device: You can also setup your farms/fields and set grids here (it is easier on the web). SYNC your device and pull GPS referenced soil samples.  SYNC your device again for seamless communication. After tests are ordered and results are in, view results from your tablet or smartphone.

Remember, the Customer Service team and Precision Ag Specialists are always here to assist you.

Call 855-768-2900 for more details.

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*prices may vary depending on specific test and lab

Soil Test Pro - Soil Sampling Application for your smartphone or tablet

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