Soil Test Pro Service Provider

Soil Test Pro SP Pricing

Soil Test Pro SP System $1,749
Soil Test Pro SP (Additional Device Activations) $250
Annual Fee $450

Soil Test Pro SP

for Service Providers

Soil Test Pro SP is a Management Tool Designed for the Agricultural Service Provider and Retailer

Manage your soil sampling operation in the office on your Web Headquarters and in the field on your Mobile App. Pull GPS referenced soil samples, choose a lab from our recommended list, then ship your samples. Get Lab results fast (5-7 days). Share results with your clients and build unlimited recommendations & controller files. It’s also Raven Slingshot ready.

Other key features of Soil Test Pro SP include: Create work orders for your employees and Navigate to Field function which gets you to the right location every time.


  • Soil Test Pro SP System (4 Users)
  • 3 Soil Test Pro SP Additional Mobile Device Activations

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