Why FarmLogic SP?

FarmLogic SP is designed for Service Providers such as Crop Consultants, Custom Applicators and Soil Samplers. Every business or person providing services to farmers will benefit tremendously from FarmLogic SP.

FarmLogic SP is Designed Specifically for Service Providers

With FarmLogic SP your business process and information are connected.

FarmLogic SP is designed for businesses and people that provide services to the farm. Manage your customer activities from the office or the field; your information is available when and where you need it. FarmLogic SP is a central location that keeps your farm service records organized for multiple clients.

FarmLogic SP enables you to achieve unparalleled connectivity between yourself and your customers.  If your customers own a FarmLogic system, link the two together (with permission) for seamless communication. 

Benefits of FarmLogic SP

  • Create and receive work orders
  • Turn by turn navigation to fields
  • Easy to use Mapping Tools with GPS and Aerial Views
  • Plan for future seasons with your customers
  • Keep records easily and efficiently
  • Share data with farmers
  • Farmers share data with you using InFarm quick links

Keep Track Of:

  • Farms and fields
  • Crops and varieties
  • Equipment
  • Fertilizer
  • Pesticides

FarmLogic SP for Service Providers

FarmLogic SP Pricing

FarmLogic SP System $3,499
Additional FarmPAD SP Mobile Device Activations $400
Annual Fee $999

Call 866.761.8001 if you wish to purchase a FarmLogic SP System

FarmLogic SP Features

Memory Made Easy

FarmLogic SP includes:

Everything you need to service your customers’ operation is on your Web Headquarters and Mobile Device.

  • Customer Contact Manager
  • Quick View of contact information on web or mobile
  • Quick Link to InFarm customer records.
  • Notes and pics about your customers
  • Set user permissions
  • Your company’s home page

Quick Link to your customers and their farms, complete with field maps and work orders. With InFarm, view your customers’*:

  • Field Maps
  • Work Orders
  • Crop History
  • Scouting Activities
  • Notes and Pics
  • Input Plans (Bill of Goods, NPK, Seed, & Pestcides)
  • Nutrient Management
  • Field Locations
  • Driving Directions
*Customer permission required