Farm Spray Pro Pricing

Farm Spray Pro System $495
Farm Spray Pro (Additional Device Activation) $125

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Farm Spray Pro

Record. Report. Relax.

Easy, Quick and Accurate Spray Records All in a Mobile App

Use Farm Spray Pro to record spray applications according to pesticide label requirements including the latest product formulations containing dicamba. With Farm Spray Pro, you can draw, GPS, or import field boundaries, view the field details, add and edit spray records and review spray history.

Farm Spray Pro Features:

  • Pesticide database with over 10,000 chemicals by pesticide name, manufacture, EPA number or pest name.
  • Pest database with over 6,000 pests by pest name or pest type: insect, disease, weed or animal.
  • GPS field mapping to draw field boundaries, mark points, measure acreage, calculate distances, etc.
  • Manage your spray records with or without a cell connection.
  • Auto-sync keeps your information backed up and secure.
  • Detailed Spray Reports include farm, field, EPA number, total amount applied, weather conditions, etc.
  • Nav to field provides turn-by-turn directions to the field so that you can get the new guy to the right field every time.
  • It’s your information. Not ours. We won’t share it. Only you can.