Got Questions?

We do whatever it takes to make you the best in the business. The Customer Support team is here for you. Friendly, knowledgeable and here when you need us, we’ll feel like old friends in no time. When you need us, call us. It is that simple.

FarmLogic FAQ Question #1Who uses FarmLogic?

From individual farmers, to mid-sized growing operations, to large cooperatives, FarmLogic is the go-to farm record management system for growers AND service providers. Our system is a one stop shop for record keeping, scouting, soil sampling, nutrient management, professional reporting and much more.

FarmLogic FAQ Question #2Are “High Level Technical Skills” required?

We designed FarmLogic/ FarmPad with you in mind. We hang our hat on being easy to use. Anyone with a web browser, tablet or smartphone, can start using FarmLogic/FarmPAD.  No extensive training is necessary. Have a question? Give us a call. We are here to help.

FarmLogic FAQ Question #3What happens after my Free trial?

After your 14 Day Free Trial, if FarmLogic is right for you, simply purchase the system. By the way, if you reach the end of the trial and forget to purchase, your account will be put on hold (your projects, files and data will all stay safe and sound, don’t worry) until you choose to purchase.

FarmLogic FAQ Question #4How do I access my FarmLogic Web Headquarters and FarmPAD?

Simply go to on your home computer, tablet or mobile phone and you are ready to go. You can also assign usernames and passwords to your employees, farm hands or office managers so they can utilize FarmLogic, too. If you forget your username/password, call us and we can help.

FarmLogic FAQ Question #5I entered information on my FarmLogic Web Headquarters at home and want to access it in the field. What now?

That’s easy! Simply open FarmPAD, login, and SYNC. Everything on your Web Headquarters is now also on your FarmPAD mobile app. Always have the answers to questions “What did I do?” and “When did I do it?” when it comes to your farm.  Record unlimited information about your farm with the click of a mouse or the tap of a button and view it when and where you are ready. Make sure to SYNC  your devices so information is always current.

FarmLogic FAQ Question #6Do some FarmLogic customers get special treatment?

Yes! Every time they call! We treat our FarmLogic customers like family. When you call Customer Support, you will always get exceptional treatment.