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Daily Farming Operations

Easily record your farming activities (till, plant, spray, fertilize and harvest) in the field or the office. Keep great service records and manage your storage facilities.


FarmLogic makes GPS easy to use and the possibilities are endless. Use FarmLogic's GPS/GIS mapping tools on your web headquarters and FarmPad to draw field boundaries, mark points, measure acreage and calculate distance. Draw field features, including tile lines, ponds, wood lines and more. Need to check out potential real estate or mark the location of that favorite deer stand? Map it in SandBox.

Nutrient Management

FarmPad is THE best tool for precision soil sampling. Pull GPS referenced soil samples, choose your lab and ship your samples. Results post directly from your lab to your web headquarters, FAST (5-7 days). Our Precision Ag Specialists will help you with the recommendations and creating controller files to deliver to your service provider. FarmLogic customers report cost savings of $5.00 or more per acre. FarmLogic puts you in control of your nutrient management.

Photos and Written Notes

Need a part? What's that weed? Take a pic with a note and add a lat/long with FarmPAD. A picture is worth a thousand words.


Identify potential hot spots before they become problems. Scout for weeds, insects and disease with FarmPAD. Include notes and pictures with your scouting records. Review history and print reports anytime, anywhere, on your FarmLogic headquarters.


ShapeSAFE is your web headquarters to collect and store all your precision ag files.

Service Records

Filters, fluids, fuel, grease and repairs. Stay on top of maintenance and service records on your FarmPAD and web headquarters.

Pesticide Database

Got questions about a specific pesticide? Need a label or MSDS? Get the answers from Farmlogic's extensive pesticide database on your web headquarters. Search over 7000 chemicals by pesticide name, manufacturer, EPA number or pest.

Handy Tools

Tank mix calculator, dry grain converter, numeric calculator, unit converter, growth stage charts and spray tip guide. Just some of the many decision tools for the farm in your FarmLogic system.

Notifications and History

Notifications are the inbox for your farm records. Keep up with what is happening on your farm, whether using a single handheld or multiple units. Review all records before they become part of your history record set and view that history on your FarmPad and web headquarters to help in your decision process.

Professional Reports

Print professional reports for distribution to partners, land owners, employees, banks, FSA and others. All farm operations including FSA Crop, NPK, Detailed Spray, Harvest and others are available on your FarmLogic headquarters, anytime, anywhere.