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FarmPAD provides mobility to your FarmLogic Web Headquarters when installed on your tablet or smartphone. The sync process along with a robust permissions package puts the right functions in the right hands.


  • Functions with or without cellular service
  • Backs up automatically when you SYNC
  • Record farm operation records (till, spray, plant, harvest, etc.)
  • Equipment service records
  • Work Orders
  • Handwritten notes
  • Lat/long stamped pictures
  • Service Records – Filters, fluids, fuel, grease and repairs
  • Storage Records
  • GPS field boundaries
  • Aerial imagery maps
  • Scouting

Keep Track Of:

  • Farms and fields
  • Crops and varieties
  • Equipment
  • NPK materials
  • Chemicals and pests
  • Storage Facilities

There is no limit. Add as many FarmPADs as you need to keep up with daily farming operations.

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*FarmPAD is a component of the FarmLogic system.
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System Requirements

Android Minimum System Requirements

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  • Android 2.2+, ARM Cortex-A8+
  • Internal GPS or compatible external Bluetooth GPS
  • 100MB of free space
    (large operations may require additional storage space)

Apple iOS Minimum System Requirements

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  • iPhone 4/iPad2 or better recommended
  • iPad requires a WiFi+3G model for onboard GPS; external GPS hardware is available separately
  • 100MB of free space
    (large operations may require additional storage space)