Information Management for Your Farm

The FarmLogic System puts your farm in your pocket: everything you need, when you need it. We bring you tools that are cutting edge by nature and yet extremely intuitive and easy to use. Whether your decisions impact your bottom line, your timeline or your environment, good decisions come from good information.

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What is FarmLogic?

FarmLogic is a farm record keeping system that empowers growers to build better records, make informed decisions
and increase efficiency of their operations.
Information about farming activities is secure and readily available on a tablet, smartphone or desktop computer.
Access your records, anytime and anywhere.

The FarmLogic System has two primary components.

Web Headquarters

Web Headquarters

FarmLogic Web Headquarters is the foundation of the FarmLogic System. From the My Lists section to GIS map drawing, Web Headquarters is your home for record keeping.

Phone and Tablet displaying FarmPAD


FarmPAD is a mobile application that puts your farm in your pocket. FarmPAD provides mobility to your FarmLogic Web Headquarters when installed on your tablet or smartphone.

How the FarmLogic System Works

Your FarmLogic System keeps track of your farming operation anytime, anywhere.

FarmLogic Web Headquarters and FarmPAD make managing your information easy and convenient.

FarmLogic Features


Planning Module

Planning Module helps develop your strategy for next year’s growing season. Seed, chemical, and fertilizer are easily planned for application to fields.


Enter records with or without cellular service. When connected, sync with your FarmLogic Web Headquarters. FarmPAD is your farm in your pocket. Learn More->

GPS Field Mapping

Use GPS field mapping to draw field boundaries, mark points, measure acreage, calculate distances, etc.

Daily Farming Operations

Farm record keeping (till, plant, spray, fertilize and harvest) in the field or office. Keep equipment service records and manage storage facilities.


Print personalized reports for distribution to partners, land owners, employees, banks, FSA, etc.
Learn More ->

Pesticide Database

Search over 11,000 chemicals by pesticide name, manufacturer, EPA number or pest.

Service Records

Filters, fluids, fuel, grease and repairs. Stay on top of maintenance records on your FarmPAD and Web Headquarters.

Work Orders

Create a work order in the office or in the field. Eliminate the confusion of “Where is my next job?”. 

Field Scouting

Field scouting software to inspect for bugs, weeds, diseases and insects that may damage crops.

What Our Customers Say About FarmLogic

Our goal is to provide practical and useful products backed by exceptional customer service. We take pride in meeting and exceeding your expectations. See what a few customers say about us…

“I am jumping for joy! This is exactly what I purchased this program for: mapping ditches and doing grid sampling.”
Russ S., Illinois
“Hello my name is Michael Garver of Garver Farms, here in Middletown Ohio and we are customers of FarmLogic, we have been customers for about 4 years now and I would just like to say to you, it is the best thing since sliced bread.”
Michael Garver, Middletown, OH
“FarmLogic far exceeded my service needs. FarmLogic has an open door policy, I can call at any time, get my questions answered and keep my operation running.”
Ben Schleucher, Celina, OH
“One of the things that I like about FarmLogic is I can look at any history I have on any field, anytime on my smart phone.”
Ricky Cunningham, Clinton, KY
“In our operation, we need to keep good records of spray and chemicals and all that we plant, and this way it’s easy to do. And what I like about it is when you make a phone call to the office, well there’s somebody there to answer the phone, and they are always willing to help.”
Jerry Peery, Clinton, KY

See the FarmLogic Difference

FarmLogic/FarmPAD provides growers with advanced, yet practical web-based and mobile technology for the farm. Information about farming activities is secure and readily available on a tablet, smartphone or desktop computer.

  • Customer Support is always available.
  • Effortlessly manage equipment & maintenance records.
  • Scout fields. Make notes, pictures and GPS locations of potential hot spots.
  • Collect and store all your precision ag files.
  • Easy to use. No extensive training necessary.
  • From the field or office, manage your farming records. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • No Annual Fees.
  • Multi-year field history.

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